Use Your Email List to Grow Your Business

Anybody who has told you that “email is dead” was sorely mistaken. If leveraged correctly, email marketing can be a powerful tool for your business to engage your customers, stakeholders, and target audience! The sophisticated email marketing tools that Miller Marketing leverages for our clients allows businesses and organizations to do some truly impactful things with email.

Features & Benefits

Do More With Email

Email Marketing Services from Miller Marketing are more than just sending some emails to your lists. We can help craft email campaigns that bring more powerful tools use the power of email to engage your audience.

Here is how we can help:

  • Managed campaigns can be built and scheduled in advance
  • Themed emails maintain your brand into your customers’ inbox
  • Responsive email design ensures your email will look great on mobile users’ screens
  • Automated emails can contact list members based on specific criteria, such as their birthday or sending them a thank you email upon registration
  • A/B campaigns allow testing of subject lines and formats to determine the most effective formats, growing your marketing campaigns’ power
  • Basic reports for each campaign will tell how many people opened the email, what links were clicked (and by whom)
  • Advanced reporting can hook into Google Analytics to track data like which email readers made purchases
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