(8) Amendments to SOLAS II-2/18 for helicopter positions on new passenger ro-ro vessels will make mandatory the provisions of the IMO MSC circular.1/Circ.1431 of 31 May 2012 relating to the guidelines for the approval of foam extinguishers for helicopter installations. Regulation 18, Part B, Chapter II-2 of Schedule I of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2009/45/EC provides that ships equipped with helicopters meet the requirements of the SOLAS Regulation as revised on 1 January 2003 and that they are now in need of amendment. Part B includes a total of 32 regulations (From Regulation 6 to 37) that deal with the requirements of lifesaving aircraft on passenger and cargo vessels. Regulation 6 describes the communication device (radio, pyrotechnics, etc.) used for safety and rescue situations on board ships. 1.4 Amendments to SOLAS II-2/18 for helipads on board ro-ro vessels for new vessels, in conjunction with a new Chapter 17 of the Fire Protection Systems Code. Regulation 6 sets out the requirement that different investigations must comply with MARPOL`s Schedule 1. We are addressing you because we believe that the suspension of the search for the seven remaining crew members of the Borubon Rhode crew violates the human rights of these seafarers and their families, in particular the right to life guaranteed by human rights instruments, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Council of Europe`s Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The right to life is a fundamental human right. In the human rights hierarchy, this goes beyond all other rights.

The right to life is absolute. The right to life is part of civil and political rights and freedoms, which must not be abolished or restricted under any circumstances, and we believe that Captain Dino Miskic and the crew members have the right to life, which should not be denied an unjustified suspension of their research. Chapter 4 deals with the requirements of cargo zones in an oil tanker that lists different regulations (Regulation 18-36). Regulation 7 deals with bulk carrier collection and maintenance requirements, followed by Regulation 8, which explains information on bulk carrier compliance. Chapter 3 deals with ship emissions control requirements and consists of 7 regulations, starting with the details of ozone-depleting substances in Regulation 12, such as the . B presentation used on ships. The EU has adopted, through Annex I, Chapter II, of the 2009/45/EC Directive, provisions on the provision of helicopters. In particular, Regulation 18, Part B of this chapter states that “ships equipped with helicopters must meet the requirements of Regulation 18 of Part G of Chapter II-2 of the solas as revised from January 1, 2003.”