While this may seem like a threat to your job, a return-to-work agreement can actually be beneficial for a person who is recovering. It makes you responsible for your sobriety. However, anyone who is familiar with drug use disorders knows that recidivism is possible, and that is where the agreement can become problematic. “In these difficult times, it was essential for all of us to safely put all of us back on the line and tell stories,” said Thomas Schlamme, President of the DGA. “To meet the challenges posed by our unique work, we have developed with our friends at SAGAFTRA, IATSE and the Teamsters, together with the producers, a comprehensive set of standards that allow us to resume production while minimizing the risk we, our families and our communities face during this pandemic. It has been a long and complicated journey and none of this would have been possible without the cooperation and solidarity of our sister councils and our trade unions. At the DGA, we are forever committed to the tireless commitment, perseverance and know-how of Steven Soderbergh, Paris Barclay and all of our COVID-19 WORK COMITÉ, in collaboration with our national executive director, Russell Hollander. We look forward to getting back to work and refocusing our talents on storytelling for the world. We are pleased to inform you that this process culminated today with a scientific agreement between employers and the union committee on the return to work for use in the coronavirus era. The trademark of the agreement primarily makes the safety of staff by introducing protocols for rigorous testing, cleaning and use of protective equipment. As a result of the agreement, studios will make significant investments in testing, redeveloped jobs, COVID 19 sick leave, quarantine salaries and other safeguards that should facilitate a safe recovery of production and allow the industry to recover and develop.

Meet with your caregivers as you prepare to reintegrate staff. Express their concerns and ask them to contact your human resources department so you can get the support you need to stick to the restoration. An agreement must be specially designed for you. This means that you need to involve your health care providers. You and your employer or a staff representative must work with your doctor and health care providers to ensure that everyone is on the same side. The health and safety of those working in the film and television industry is and remains our top priority,” she said. “To ensure that employers are able to create safe and healthy jobs, the industry – including representatives from Amazon, Apple, CBS, Disney, HBO Max, NBC Universal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. – conducted four months of thoughtful dialogue and meaningful negotiations with the inter-union negotiating committee. LA SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris said that its members, “together with their colleagues from other entertainment unions, are anxious to get back to work, but safety must be the top priority. This agreement establishes reasonable, scientifically sound protocols that allow members to return to the work they love while handling the risks. I thank our sister unions who worked together during this long crisis, as well as the studios for their collaboration on this important issue. The agreement means that studios, networks, large companies and independent producers will be released to resume production.