Article 281 of the Commercial Code provides that, when a client terminates a commercial agent contract without cause, the instructing party must pay the agent compensation for the resulting damage. Any different agreement is considered null and void or not. Article 282 “(1) Where the contract is concluded for a fixed period and the contracting entity decides not to renew it at the end of its initial term, it shall be required to pay the agent an appropriate indemnity, which shall be determined by the Tribunal even in the event of an adversarial agreement. China`s great military general Sun Tzu didn`t know that his instructions to wage war would create similarities in today`s commercial and commercial economies! Agency law defines the framework that covers the relationship between a contracting authority and an authorised representative. However, the Commercial Agents Act also obliges agents and traders to continue their obligations with regard to the supply, maintenance and repair of the goods of the instructing party for a period of six months from the expiry of their contract as a commercial agent or until the appointment of a new representative or trader, which is the earliest date. The new law also defined the concepts of franchisees and licensees in the context of the definition of commercial representation. Therefore, franchisees and licensees are also treated as commercial agents and are expressly subject to obligations and rights under Kuwaiti law.