This guide defines the procedures of the clinical school, which govern the transmission of registrations between the clinical school and an organization of beneficiaries, both from the clinical school and in detail. DBAs, which are obtained by outside researchers for incoming data records, MUST BE controlled by a member of the contract team at the research office before the data is transferred, as the conditions must be carefully considered with applicable funding conditions. In general, the transmission and use of data is governed by several important considerations, including those relating to Duke IRB rules, the amended Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), ethical considerations, the transmission and/or use of data subject to contractual restrictions, and intellectual property issues. A researcher wishing to transfer or use data should be prepared to discuss with the ORC, among other things: the purpose of transmission; The identities of the taker and sound; The nature of the data to be transmitted (personal data? contain identifiers?) Whether the data was collected as part of a research study or standard of care and, in the case of a research study, whether there are third-party restrictions; Whether a consent form applies to informed information allows the use or transfer of proposed data; How data should be transferred Whether patents are data-related and whether samples are sent with or in conjunction with the data. A DBA must be set up by a member of the contract team at the research office before the data transfer. HIPAA defines a limited set of indirect identifier data (which are still PIs) that can be disclosed as part of a data use agreement for research. Public health or public health activities are as follows: to make this as effective as possible, researchers should provide the following information on the use of data (DUA): data use agreements are contracts that are designed, signed and executed to outline procedures, expectations, requirements and restrictions on the exchange of research data. The transfer and use of personal data is a complex matter that cannot be adequately addressed on this site. Duke researchers who wish to transfer or use personal data should contact the ORC to initiate a debate on the transfer or use of the proposed data.

To respond to information management, it is necessary to put in place a data transfer agreement covering the transfer of data between institutions. Normally, we expect that only anonymized data will be transferred between organizations that process the transfer of one or more datasets from owner/supplier to a third party.