So my friends and I are trying to find accommodation off campus for next year (3 of us will be Sophomores, the other 2 are not visiting drexel). We found a few houses we would like to rent, but none of them are “drexel approved”. Is there a way to live in a rental not authorized by Drexel as a Sophomore? Someone told me you could get around it by pretending to be a commuter, but I`m not really sure how to do it? How easy is it to get a place approved by drexel? Someone did it? Thank you! Cancellations of on-campus accommodation for co-ops can only be requested for the planned co-op conditions (i.e. a student with an autumn/winter koop can only cancel an autumn/winter residency order, not a spring/summer order). All students in residence must sign a Living Accommodation and Residence (HRL) and a dining agreement to obtain a housing contract. By approving the conditions of residential and residential living, the resident agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct and Housing Guidelines, as well as any local or government regulations. The housing guidelines are applied at the same time as the code of conduct. Students and student organizations should adhere to the following guidelines and understand how the guidelines and code overlap. Guidelines can be amended based on CDC and government recommendations (e.g.

B COVID-19). It is the responsibility of students to check their Drexel email to communicate regarding such policy changes. At the beginning of the academic year, roommates in bachelor buildings must complete colocation agreement forms that outline the basic expectations of all residents of a particular room or suite. Guests are defined as people who are not attached to the guest`s room. If the main goal of these spaces is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for learning, it is also a home. Roommates and/or roommates who cannot find a viable solution should work with HRL staff to resolve conflicts. Housing and Residence Life is aware that there are a number of reasons why a student must cancel their housing application. All residents are encouraged to clearly communicate their needs by using data protection colocation agreements with roommates, roommates, roommates, and roommates.