Yes. With the Colon Free Trade Zone (the world`s second largest larsegt in Hong Kong), you can transport container-sized shipments that are more efficient and less expensive than any other port in other port cities in the Caribbean or South America. (You might also consider expeditioning from Colon to Limon, Costa Rica`s only Caribbean port. Costa Rica and Panama have just signed a free trade agreement.) But it depends on the type of goods you sell and what the market of each of the three islands you want to sell is. Will you be competitive? Do you have a product they want? Do you have salespeople on all the islands? Or a salesperson who travels and sells. Nothing can happen until you have a customer order. And you need shoe leather to get the order when you`re new. After launching buy-sell relationships and receiving return orders, you have a stable business. There are many of these kinds that operate from Colon and use location and the free-trade aspect.

Good luck! That`s a good idea. Take a look at the following links and seriously consider whether your company keeps all the necessary records for the necessary period of time. But I have good news. There is a list of 36 data sets that are not subject to the registration requirements. Are you going on a rampage! I`m sure you`ll say, “Okay, that`s enough!” But there are others! Registration requirements and retention periods may vary depending on the transaction and the agency. The Department of Foreign Affairs, OFAC, CBP, and other government agencies that control your special merchandise have their own deadlines for document retention. As an exporter, you must comply with all these different registration requirements, unconditionally. “We look forward to contributing to our clients` future growth strategy by expanding their global supply chain network and customer service presence in these critical emerging markets. This agreement is an important recognition of Global4PL`s expertise in handling complex import and export issues in the world`s most challenging international customs environments. Our mission is and has always been to focus on optimizing the entire customer supply chain and thus having a positive effect on the end result,” said Sergio Retamal, President and CEO of Global4PL I sincerely hope this won`t shock anyone, but accounting is not just for importers! Exporters must keep records to attest to compliance with U.S. government rules for at least five years.

If Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Census or any other U.S. government authority that controls your product, ask to produce your records, and you don`t have them, or worse, you notify your employees to destroy them, you are in trouble with “T” capital. There are 40 others. .