Countless people think that if you are injured by an uninsured or uninsured motorist, you cannot claim damages. See, for example. B, the additional mib uda agreement, which included the exception for terrorism and the derogation from damage to vehicles in previous agreements, see mib “Additional Agreement (uda)” (2017) , which was acceded on 3 April 2020. In the case of uninsured drivers, we can propose a conditional pricing agreement (no profit, no fee) as if you were following a driver who had insurance. For the Untraced Drivers Plan, legal costs are not refundable in the same way as the uninsured system, so we must enter into a compensation agreement in which you agree to pay us a percentage of the damages awarded to you. However, the Mib were only necessary to compensate the victims of uninsured drivers, any payment to the victims of untreated drivers was ex gratia. It is interesting to note that the initial report of the Cassel Commission did not recommend compensating victims of unre-reported drivers25. Nevertheless, the mib of Article 6 of the original agreement found that, although they have no legal obligation to compensate victims of unsurred drivers, “if there is sufficient certainty as to the presence of a motor vehicle and that: except that the vehicle, owner or driver cannot be traced, an allegation would be lying, the Bureau will consider sympathetically the payment of an ex-gratia payment to the victim or his relatives.26 However, there has been significant lobbying by Parliament to change this, due to cases where victims have not received compensation after being injured by an untraceable driver.27 to give reparation to the victims. , but with restrictions, for example. B with respect to property damage.

Nevertheless, the complexity of the introduction of the Mib was obvious, including the form it was to take and its task. The summary above points out that the introduction of the mib has not been easy and that it has taken a considerable degree of compromise and goodwill. The mib then strengthened coverage to include victims of unsured drivers in response to considerable pressure to do so. Mib coverage is therefore not static, and there are external influences regarding the coverage that is achievable.