Accounting / Accounting Commitment Simple letter confirming the services provided by an accountant or accountant. This document is similar to a service agreement, but the service agreement differs from the retainer agreement in that a service provider receives an advance payment (i.e. the Retainer fee) for the services to be provided over a specified period. Before we finish the discussed accounting repairer, we should create documentation on one or two additional topics. The topic of expenditure is at the heart of the eighth article. Sometimes client projects require money to be paid to complete a task. For example, reproductions of ownership and sales records may be required or mass production of a company`s entire financial history must be established on paper. Whatever the cost, many think it`s wise to determine who will pay for the project costs. To do this, select the first paragraph if the accountant is responsible for all expenses, the second if the accountant “is reimbursed for…” Some expenses then list in the empty field, in this selection or in the third box, whether the accountant “is not required to pay or be responsible for a connection with the services provided.” Note in the example that the accountant is reimbursed for all printed productions of clients` documents and travel.

Of course, any contract can create a potential for future misunderstandings that lead to a dispute that threatens the deal. That is why, in the ninth article, we will define a method of good faith arbitration as a viable option for finding a solution. However, in cases where this is not the case, the jurisdiction of the county and state in which the dispute will take place (if necessary) must be in the two empty lines of Article “IX. Disputes” before this document is signed by one of the parties. Article “XXII. Additional Terms” is an optional item that can be used to include any additional elements necessary and agreed by the client and accountant to this agreement. Now that we`ve done this paperwork and made sure all the schedules are in place, it`s time for both parties to check them out..