The PSD program would provide preferential placement and inclusion in events to suppliers participating in the program. The standard PSD deal was an automatic 10% discount on products selected for an event. 23 58 2 CFR PART 200 Procurement of Recovered Property A non-federal entity that is a Crown agency or an agency of a political subdivision of a State of Yes Materials and its contractors must comply with section 6002 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Section 6002 requirements include the purchase only of items listed in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines at 40 CFR Part 247 that contain the highest percentage of recovered materials that are feasible, which is consistent with maintaining a satisfactory level of competition if the purchase price of the item exceeds $10,000 or the value of the quantity purchased in the prior fiscal year.10 exceeds $000; the acquisition of solid waste management services in a manner that maximizes energy and resource recovery; and the establishment of a positive procurement programme for the acquisition of recovered materials, as set out in the EPO Guidelines. Does the supplier certify that it complies with the Solids Disposal Act as described above? 59 Certification With respect to lobbying applicable to grants, sub-grants, cooperation agreements, I have NO lobbying under the foregoing and contracts of $100,000 in federal funds The filing of this certification is a prerequisite for the completion or completion of this transaction and is required by section 1352, Title 31, United States Code. This certification is an essential representation of the facts that could be relied upon at the time this transaction was completed or completed. Any person who fails to present the required certificate will be liable to a civil penalty of not less than $10,000 and not more than $100,000 for each of these errors. The undersigned confirms, to the best of his knowledge and belief, that: (1) no funds provided by the Confederation have been or will be paid to any person who is influenced by or on behalf of the undersigned to any person to influence or attempt to influence any officer or employee of an agency, member of Congress, officer or employee of Congress; or an employee of a member of Congress in connection with the awarding of a federal contract, the awarding of a federal grant, the granting of a federal loan, the conclusion of a cooperation agreement and the renewal, continuation, renewal, amendment or amendment of a federal contract, financial assistance, loan or cooperation agreement. (2) If funds other than federal funds have been or will be paid to a person to influence or influence an officer or employee of an agency, a member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a member of Congress under this federal grant or cooperation agreement, the undersigned must use the standard LLL form, disclosure form, complete and send to Report Lobbying in accordance with its instructions.

(3) The undersigned shall require that the language of this certification be included in the procurement documents for all covered sub-signatures of more than $100,000 in federal funds at all appropriate levels and that all sub-recipients certify and disclose accordingly. 60 Standard Lobbying Report Form -LLL, Disclosure ONLY IF you responded “I lobbied above” to the Lobbying Report Form (No Response Required), Attribute #66, please download and download the standard LLL Form, Lobbying Reporting Disclosure Form, in the Wayfair Supply Response Attachments ( section – Page 11 of 21 9 Order and/or an agreement or contract and/or an agreement or agreement or agreement agreement with the annex cost estimate indicated with the required bond and any other special arrangements agreed for the TIPS member. If special conditions are required that are not contained in this call and the agreements awarded, these will be attached to the order and / or to an agreement or contract and will prevail over those of the BASIS-TIPS sales contract. Procedure for Project Delivery Orders The TIPS Member who has approved and signed an interlocal agreement or other TIPS membership document may apply to the assigned supplier under this agreement if the TIPS Member has services that are to be used. Notification can be made by phone, Internet, fax or in person. Upon notification of a pending request, the assigned provider must contact the TIPS member as soon as possible, but must contact the TIPS member within two working days. Project scheduling Project scheduling (if any) occurs when the TIPS member issues a purchase order or other document that serves as a notification. The period of the delivery order includes mobilization, purchase of equipment, installation and delivery, design, weather conditions, cleaning and site inspection. Other claims due to delays resulting from these elements are excluded.

When the tasks are completed, the contracted supplier informs the customer and asks the TIPS member to review the work for acceptance based on the scope and conditions of the order. The TIPS member will take all necessary corrective action in writing. Once these points are completed, the TIPS member will issue a final notice and the final payment will be issued. Support Requirements In the event of a dispute between the awarded provider and the tips member, TIPS or its representatives will assist with dispute resolution or a third party (mandatory mediation) at the request of one of the parties. TIPS or its representatives reserve the right to inspect any project and review the award-winning files, documentation and correspondence of the PROVIDER TIPS project. Integration of the call for proposals The TIPS call, whether it is a call for proposals, the sealed call for competitive proposals or the call for qualifications, the seller`s response to the same and all related documents and forms that are part of the call process, including the additions that led to the signing of this agreement, are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference as if they had been copied textually. SECTION HEADINGS OR HEADINGS IN THIS DOCUMENT ARE CONVENIENCE MANUALS ONLY AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO CLASSIFY OR LIMIT THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES TO THIS DOCUMENT. ADVICE PROVIDER AGREEMENT Ver rp Page 9 16 31 Would you like TIPS members to be able to spend federal grants with you when they are awarded? Do most of our members receive from the federal government, you intend to be able to sell to our members, and they represent a significant part of their budget.