Hello! I’m Luke Miller

I’m an 8x certified Salesforce Developer, indie tabletop roleplaying game publisher, and writer

8x Salesforce Certified Senior Developer

I’ve worked for years in the Salesforce ecosystem with clients in a wide range of industries to implement top-tier solutions to serve their requirements. I specialize in building in Apex and with Lightning Web Components, as well as working with external integrations of all kinds.

Deals of Opportunity

This web app built with Python, Django and Celery allows tabletop roleplaying gamers to get automatic notifications to their email inbox when a game or title they want goes on sale.


Design and self-publishing of a bestselling worldbuilding tabletop roleplaying game for writers, game designers, game masters, and creatives of all stripes


Creation and self-publishing of a set of “creative campaign journals” aimed at helping tabletop roleplaying game players gain new inspiration and take fresh creativity into their games.

ALERT! Salesforce AppExchange Component

Creation and publishing of a simple, reusable Salesforce Lightning Component that allows for easy visual feedback on Lightning App Builder pages, especially when combined with conditional visibility settings.